All the way live

In 2005 Kirk signed to French label Versatile resulting in the acclaimed As One LP ‘Elegant Systems’. This saw a return to the traditional early 90’s techno sound of UK electronica but with a modern production. Under his own name he has also released 4 purist techno EP’s for EMI subsidiary ‘New Religion’. For the same label he has collaborated with Dan Keeling under the name ‘Critical Phase’ and together with Alex Bond has also co-ordinated the joint ART-New Religion compilation THE ELECTRIC INSTITUTE.

Kirk is credited with being the first ‘professionally known’ DJ to use Ableton Live alongside vinyl for his DJ sets. A tour of Japan 2002 saw him use Live exclusively which he has now done ever since in venues worldwide. Kirk’s “FXMix01” CD in 2003 was the first Ableton mix album of its kind and paved the way for the current popularity of laptop DJing.

Kirk is currently co-writer and producer for the band The Beauty Room whose debut album is due early 2006 on the Peacefrog label.