Demo Dat Pressure

One of Kirk’s early demos was played by Colin Favor on his Kiss FM show and was soon licensed by Michael Golding and Steve Rutter – two techno collectors and producers who had recently started B12 Records. The EP featured 4 tracks from Kirk under the names Future/Past and As One and a track from Matt Cogger.

Encouraged, Kirk sent his next batch of demos along with some solo tracks by Ed & Andy of The Black Dog to UR in Detroit – who in turn passed them on to Carl Craig. Carl called Kirk and secured 3 tracks for the second release on his newly formed Planet E label. Confident enough now to start his own label Kirk, Ed & Andy revisited the material and added two new originals to form the first release on Kirk’s ART label ‘Applied Rhythmic Technology’. These tracks were quickly licensed by R&S – the largest techno label in Europe at the time.