Process flow

  • Step 1

    Getting Started

    The Shell Contracting & Procurement or Finance Operations (CP/FO) representative evaluates and selects the supplier with the intent to invite them to an upcoming sourcing event. The recognition and selection are based on, amongst others, the following considerations: capability to act in accordance with the Shell General Business Principles and Shell Supplier Principles, clear financial position, technically capable of delivering in line with Shell standards, ability to deliver the scope of work safely and manage human rights/worker welfare within their own operations and respective supply chains.

  • Step 2

    Creating a connection via the SAP Ariba platform/Create a Supplier account on the SAP Ariba

    The Shell Contracting & Procurement or Finance Operations (CP/FO) representative invites the selected supplier via e-mail to create a SAP Ariba Account for the Ariba Module ‘Proposals and Questionnaires’ (sourcing). After clicking on the link provided within that e-mail, you will be redirected to SAP Ariba page for suppliers where you can select Sign up/Log in. There is no fee associated with registering for the SAP Ariba Module Proposals and Questionnaires (sourcing). For more information consult the SAP Ariba Supplier Registration Guide and SAP Ariba Sourcing Registration Guide.

    Example of e-mail notification PDF automated e-mail Example of email with Instructions from FOD e-mail

  • Step 3

    a) Sourcing event

    When the sourcing event has kicked-off, the supplier will be able to submit the required documents for the completion of this step online. If Step 2 has been successfully completed, please expect to receive the following e-mail.

    SAP Ariba successful sourcing invitation

    If Step 2 has been unsuccessful, please expect to receive the following e-mail and attempt to register again.

    SAP Ariba unsuccessful sourcing invitation

    b) Complete the Supplier Assessment Questionnaire

    In parallel to step 3a, in step 3b suppliers may receive additional questionnaires with specific assessments such as: Ethics and Compliance Due Diligence, Financial Risk Assessment, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental & Social Performance (HSSE&SP), Worker Welfare/Labour Rights Assessment. Suppliers need to provide responses to all the specific assessment questionnaires that may be applicable. This step can be considered as a pre-qualification stage, so please provide accurate and timely information. If the information is not received in time, the supplier may not be considered as a participant in the sourcing event.

  • Step 4

    Notification of contract awarded to the successful supplier.

    Based on the pre-established award criteria, the participating supplier will be thoroughly evaluated and then informed of the results.

  • Step 5

    Signing the contract via DocuSign

    Both the Shell Contracts and Procurement or Finance Operations (CP/FO) representative and the supplier will offer the necessary cooperation to complete this step without making any compromises. We aim to nurture strong supplier relationships, which in turn nurture our competitive advantage in the market. For more details on the signing of the contract electronically, please see our Electronic Signature Data privacy statement

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