Process flow

  • Step 1

    Getting Started

    To start the process, the Shell Contracting & Procurement or Finance Operations (CP/FO) representative sends the selected supplier an e-mail invite, which contains a registration link. The link will allow the supplier to accept the trading relationship with Shell. The intent is to prepare the supplier for transacting electronically via the SAP Ariba Network.

  • Step 2

    Creating a standard supplier account on the SAP Ariba Network

    The Shell Contracting & Procurement or Finance Operations (CP/FO) representative invites the selected supplier via e-mail to create a standard account.

    Please note that if you have an existing account and you would like to use it, it's possible to use the invitation link received and select Log-in instead of Sign-up. Be aware that fees are likely to apply if you accept the invitation with your existing enterprise account.

  • Step 3

    Supplier Account Management

    Implementing SAP Ariba requires dedication on both Shell and the supplier side. To ensure a smooth transition, it is key for the supplier to appoint, as early as possible, a SAP Ariba Administrator and decide on the type of account required. We recommend managing the accounts early on to avoid any delays in the process. Also, when the invitation from Shell arrives, this step in the process ensures that an account is not created by someone other than your appointed Administrator.

    For more information on how to manage multiple accounts and/or account hierarchy you can view a video here or contact SAP Ariba Customer Support for direct assistance.

  • Step 4

    Completing your account registration and configuration to start transacting

    The ready to transact criteria for the standard account are the following:

    • Ariba Network supplier account created
    • Ariba Terms & Conditions & Trading Relationship accepted with Shell in supplier’s account
    • PO routing, invoice routing and notifications set-up in supplier’s account
    • Bank details and remittance address completed in supplier’s account
  • Step 5

    Transitioning and notification of go-live transactions

    When all the ready to transact criteria have been fulfilled, you will receive an e-mail notification of when your account will go live with Shell and you can begin to transact electronically. For detailed information please refer to our Shell Transaction Guide.

  • Step 6

    Transacting with Shell

    Both the Shell Contracting & Procurement or Finance Operations (CP/FO) representative and the supplier will cooperate through all the process steps above, in order to transact seamlessly on the SAP Ariba Network.

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